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[11] New Working PaperCausal Inference on Bike Rentals using Anchor Regression (Collective work with Xiyuan Ge, Wenyu Chen) Preprint (Not Available)

[10] New Working Paper: Toward a More Interpretable and Reusable Data Science: Analyses

of Million Jupyter Notebooks (Collective work with Anran Wang, Sicheng Song) Preprint


[9] New Working Paper: Using Mobile Phone Data Records to Generate Mobility Processes: JSM Presentation Pre-Released Codes Working Paper

[8] Research Intern Project  Conversational Sentiment Model  Paper  Codes (NOT AVAILABLE)Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.44.53 PM

[7]  Interactive Attention Model Explorer for NLP Tasks with Unbalanced Data Sizes (Collective work with T. Wu and M. Zhang, submitted to NAACL 2019)  Preprint

[6] Benchmarking NoSQL performances on Simple Text Processing Tasks.  Draft


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