[Selected Papers]

AMP Classification & Protein Language Models RECOMB 2022 Manuscript  

Interactive NLP Visualizer PacificVis 2020 Accepted

Gaps in Medical Crowdsourcing PLOS One Accepted 2021

Generating Activity Space from Cell Phone  Journal of Applied Statistics Accepted 2020

[Conference Papers]

Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Identifying Multiple Layers of Epedemic Interactions   Epedemiology (Under Review)

A Multi-Modal Learning Framework for Classical Music Auto-completion 
and Genre Identification         WWW 2022 (Under review)

Aspect-Aware Conversation Sentiment Models   NAACL 2021 (under review)

Solving Complex Network Link Prediction Problems using Auxiliary Graphs  

[Unpublished Manuscripts, Tutorials and Conf Presentations, Procrastinated Stuff]

Estimation and Extrapolation of Spatial Trends in Mortality Data 
using Bayesian APC Modeling: Presented Intl Conference on Population Geography 2017.

Theorizing Urban Neighborhoods: Mapping the Interneighborhood and
Intraneighborhood Networks and Criminogenic Factors on Street Crime 
Victimization: Earlier Version presented @ Amer. Assoc. of Criminology'16
Joint work w/ Callie Burt @UG, Never published. (Actually, never quite completed.)

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