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[9] New Working Paper: Using Mobile Phone Data Records to Generate Mobility Processes: JSM Presentation Pre-Released Codes Working Paper

[8] New Working Paper:  Understanding the Reinforcement of Sentiments in Short Text Series using Convolutional Neural Networks  Paper  CodesScreen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.44.53 PM

[7] New Working Paper: Anomaly Detections of Air Quality Data using Spatial-Temporal Attention Network — Similar Methods also applied in KDD18 Cup    Draft 

[6] Benchmarking NoSQL performances on Simple Text Processing Tasks.  Draft


[5] Dong, Zhihang (2017). “Estimation and Extrapolation of Spatial Trends in Mortality Data using Bayesian APC Modeling”. In: ICPG, International Conference on Population Geography, August 2nd, 2017.

[P1] New Post: What is social sensing?

[4] Zhihang Dong “Age Homogamy And Marital Happiness Over The Life Course: What is There To Explain?” Submitted to 2019 Population Association of America Annual Meeting (PAA)

[3] Callie H. Burt and Zhihang Dong. “Role of Residential Stratification on Individual Propensity, Hangout Place Selection and Criminogenic Selection to the Youth” Work in Progress


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[0] Zhihang Dong. “Conducting Survey Fieldwork in China: Observations and Problems on Collecting Primary Sexual Violence Survey Data.” Annual Meetings of the Asian Criminology Society, Hong Kong, June 2015