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[9] Accepted to PLOS One: A cross-sectional study of demographic impacts on access and success in medical crowdfunding (Collective work with N. Kenworthy and A. Montgomery. – UW Bothell School of Nursing and Health Sciences) ArXiV Page  

[8] New Working Paper: Topological Bag-of-Words Algorithm using Density Ranking  Preprint (Not Available due to DB Policy)

[7]  Causal Inference on Bike Rentals using Anchor Regression (Collective work with Xiyuan Ge, Wenyu Chen) Preprint (Not Available due to DB Policy)

[6] Toward a More Interpretable and Reusable Data Science: Analyses of Million Jupyter Notebooks (Collective work with A. Wang and S. Song)  Preprint


[5]  Using Mobile Phone Data Records to Generate Mobility Processes,  Journal of Applied Statistics ArXiv Page

[4] Conversational Sentiment Model for Contextual Sentiment Analyses (Link N/A due to Double Blind Policy of the Conference) Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.44.53 PM

[3]  Interactive Attention Model Explorer for NLP Tasks with Unbalanced Data Sizes (Collective work with T. Wu, S.Song and M. Zhang, Accepted to PacificVis 2020Preprint


[2] Dong, Zhihang (2017). “Estimation and Extrapolation of Spatial Trends in Mortality Data using Bayesian APC Modeling”. In: ICPG, International Conference on Population Geography, August 2nd, 2017.

[1] Callie H. Burt and Zhihang Dong. “Role of Residential Stratification on Individual Propensity, Hangout Place Selection, and Criminogenic Selection to the Youth” Work in Progress