More About Me

  • My ❤: Yijun Hou!
  • My Favorite Philosophers: Nietzsche and Russell
  • My Favorite Dota 2 Heroes: Skywrath Mage(2) , Oracle (5), Bristleback (3), Venomancer (4); and Monkey King (1)
  • My Favorite Hearthstone Class: Shaman
  • My Favorite Composers (Ranked): Liszt, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Rachmaninoff, Chopin
  • My Favorite Fruit (Ranked): Lychee, Mango and Orange
  • My Favorite Color Palette: Grey and Pink (or Grey and Cyan)
  • My Favorite Singer/Band: Jay Chou and Maroon 5
  • My Werewolves is in the Elite 70%+ WR Club: Past Games
  • My Favorite Sport: Bowling (HM: 202); Archery (Recurve 20-yard Best: 239/300)
  • My Favorite Food Genres: Korean & Japanese

My mom was an outstanding kindergarten educator. She received numerous awards for her talented teaching excellence. She was one of the most successful young early education professionals in the country. My father was a great scholar in the field of chemistry. He is now a pharmacist who has helped numerous people with daily medication needs.  They run local businesses and benefiting some communities with better access to high-quality medicine. My lifetime best friend, Yuan (Clara) Song and Zebang Li, are part of my extending family. I have three cousins, Aiying, Zhiping (Jackie) and Xirun,  5, 7 and 9 years younger than me, often criticizing how old-school my thoughts were and how far my lifestyle “departs” from their generation.

I am an archer using recurve style. I attended several regional tournaments and enjoyed socializing with other archers. I like my local Seattle neighborhood, and I am happy to provide dinner recommendations. My favorite museum is Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, P.A. My favorite city is Fukuoka, Japan. With amazing “夏祭り”, terrific food, dreamy lifestyle and nice neighborhoods, this is a must-go for any traveler.

Collection of Lecture Notes

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