About Zhihang: pronounced (in IPA) ʈʂʐ̩ː4xaŋ2

screenshot_20180528-2314561.pngHere is MyCV!

I am a computer scientist enjoy doing research on NLP, deep learning + music and Data mining (in general terms).

My alter ego is a musician, most likely a conductor majored in Mendelssohn, Liszt or Schumann.



Current Research Areas

1A.  NLU & NLG (Context Sentiment Model, Open-Domain QA and Text Summarization)

1B.  NLP + CV (VQA, Image Captioning)

2. Music + AI!

3. Information Retrieval (medical data)

Where to find Me outside of Office

  1. Dota
  2. Benaroya Hall
  3. Food trucks

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