About Zhihang: pronounced (in IPA) ʈʂʐ̩ː4xaŋ2

screenshot_20180528-2314561.pngHere is MyCV.

I will be graduating from University of Washington the Spring of 2020, and I am actively looking for a full-time role. I decided to cease attending my Ph.D. program and “Master out” due to various considerations (you are welcome to discuss it with me), but I am still active in academic research and has many ongoing collaborations with scholars from many different fields.

My research interests focused on solving applied questions using complex data mining methods and their applications, which involve some flavor of natural language processing and machine learningSpecifically, this can be boiled down into two interwoven areas. The first (1) area is trajectory data mining, in which I pursue problems of forecasting and translation of information related to (high-dimensional) spatiotemporal data, such as cell phone, individual travel behaviors. Theoretically, I am enthusiastic in methods curing noisy, heterogeneous and time-series data. The second (2) area is natural language processing. Mainly I am interested in conversational intelligence and natural language understanding, which requires an understanding of how language representation works. My research often focuses on leveraging individual and social behavioral patterns that shed light on how human interacts with human, place, and technology (such as artificial intelligence).  Together, I am passionate about bringing in social goods with the deliverables from my research.

Actively working with peers, I have interesting research discussions with my friend Castiel Zhuang, a promising young economist. Group work wise, I am a member of the Geometric Data Analysis Research Group starting Winter 2018, and the Working Group on Applied, Bayesian and Computational Statistics since Autumn 2016.

Besides academia, three things I love the most: spending time with my girlfriend doing anything, music and philosophy. To see details about the later two, please check the ‘Bio’ Button. Show off: I play drums with my band ‘Random Algorithms’. I shoot arrows with my recurve bow.  I hike a lot. I reached LEGENDARY level many times in Hearthstone, and I am a three-time Arena 12-winner. The photo above is outdated. For a more recent photo, please click here. My favorite composers at all time are Felix Mendelssohn, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Robert Schumann. My favorite pianists are Evgeny Kissin and Krystian Zimerman. What would I listen when I code?

Something I’d love to do in the future: Make to the HCT (Hearthstone Collegiate Tournament) Championship Game (prefer winning it); Intern at Boston Dynamics and visit New Zealand!

Updates: 9-25  ZD Started as a Ph.D. RA functioning as a software engineer in Gottardo Lab of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division. Cannot be more excited about pulling my weight in data science and ML into cancer research!

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