About Zhihang (pronounced "Ger-hàng")

I am a Ph.D. student at “U-Dub” (University of Washington) and a data scientist. Most of my research are under supervision of the faculty in Center For Statistics And The Social Sciences. It is my honor and fortune to work under the guidance and advice from Adrian Dobra , Tyler McCormick and Ross Matsueda. I also have a great mentor in demography — Kyle Crowder who helped my career beyond being a good researcher but also a good teacher. Beyonds, I also apprenticed through research collaboration with Yen-Chi Chen and  Callie Burt.  I am a member of the Geometric Data Analysis Research Group starting Winter 2018, and the Working Group on Applied, Bayesian and Computational Statistics since Autumn 2016.

I code. I do statistics. I play drums. I shoot arrows with my recurve bow.  I hike, a lot. The photo below is outdated. For a more recent photo, please click here.

I feed myself with four types of research: Machine Learning, particularly online and adaptive learning, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing, Statistical Methods  (for spatial and time-series data) and Social Sensing , with applications on neighborhood, deviance, residential segregation and other fields of demography.


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(BTW: My kaggle username is: @littleprincess LOL…)

P.S. : As of Dec 27th, 19:30 PST, my winning rate for the identity ‘Werewolf’ in the game Werewolves is 72%, (n= 132) at least 2 S.D. higher than the frequentist winning rate 40% for this identity, or Bayesian winning rate 41%.

Notes: The possible drives of werewolves team follow a multivariate Gaussian distribution (see my later technical report for further details)

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