About Zhihang (pronounced "Ger-hàng")

screenshot_20180528-2314561.pngI am a Ph.D. student and researcher at the “U-Dub” (University of Washington) interested in the application of statistical machine learning, natural language processing, and social sensing. Most of my research is under the supervision of the faculty at the Center For Statistics And The Social Sciences. I work under the guidance and advice of Professor Adrian Dobra.

My research interests focused on solving social science questions using statistical machine learning & data mining, specifically multitask learning and geometric methods and  natural language processing (Conversational Intelligence and Embedding Topics). Additionally, I am interested in statistical methodologies (esp, high dimensional spatial/ time series models) for forecasting. Together, I am passionate about bringing in social goods with the deliverables from my research.

Something I don’t claim expertise but have great interests (and efforts, you bet) in: Robotics, Game Theory and (mostly) 19th century philosophy – the influential thinkers and great figures and their works, especially Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Mill and Bergson (I have a B.A. in Philosophy, anyway!) I love the poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and 苏轼.

I also apprenticed through research collaboration with Yen-Chi Chen.  Actively working with peers, I have interesting research discussions with my friend Castiel Zhuang, a promising young economist. Group work wise, I am a member of the Geometric Data Analysis Research Group starting Winter 2018, and the Working Group on Applied, Bayesian and Computational Statistics since Autumn 2016.

I code. I do statistics. I play drums with my band ‘Random Algorithms’. I shoot arrows with my recurve bow.  I hike a lot. I reached LEGENDARY level many times in Hearthstone, and I am a three-time Arena 12-winner. The photo above is outdated. For a more recent photo, please click here.

Something I’d love to do in the future: Make to the HCT (Hearthstone Collegiate Tournament) Championship Game (prefer winning it); Intern at Boston Dynamics and visit New Zealand!


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(BTW: My kaggle username is: @littleprincess LOL…)

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