About Zhihang (pronounced "Ger-hàng")

I am a Ph.D. Student at U-Dub (University of Washington) and a data scientist. It is my honor and fortune to work under the guidance and advice from Adrian Dobra , Tyler McCormick and Ross Matsueda. I also have a great mentor in demography — Kyle Crowder who helped my career beyond being a good researcher but also a good teacher. Beyonds, also apprenticed through research collaboration with Callie Burt and Yen-Chi Chen.

I code. I do statistics. I play drums. I shoot arrows with my recurve bow.  I hike, a lot.The photo below is outdated. For a more recent photo, please click here.

I feed myself with four types of research: Machine Learning, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing, Statistical Methods  (for spatial and time-series data) and Social Sensing , with applications on neighborhood, deviance, residential segregation and other fields of demography.


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(BTW: My kaggle username is: @littleprincess LOL…)

What? Instagram? Not such a thing…

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